Free Dog

Stitches come out and neck collar comes off. It has not been easy to have a 16 month old border collie mix (aka high energy, high energy, high energy) that has to be kept calm so the stitches don’t come out. Kora can now run free in the backyard and I realize what I’m in store for. This dog has energy.

When the trainer first saw our backyard, she said, “Kora is going to be a muddy mess in the winter.” My obsessive-compulsive clean gene was just triggered. Must redo entire yard to help dog stay clean. Today I go to the store to check out gravel for the yard. I have to take the dog with me since I can’t leave her at home. She does surprisingly well, but I’m overwhelmed when the sales guy asks me how many square feet I want to cover, how deep I want to go, and if I am going to cover the ground first with weed cloth. This is when it would be nice to have a husband who is fully on board (have I mentioned that my husband did not want a dog?). I’m overwhelmed again and nearly driven to tears, but I manage to control myself. I’ll come back another day with more information.

Our new housekeepers come today. I try to put her in the side yard but I hear her scratching on the fence. I let her in and she tries to get into all of their products. Fortunately the head housekeeper is a dog lover. I ask her how she keeps her house clean. She says you just have to accept that your house won’t be as clean when you have a dog. This is a lot to ask of me. I keep a very clean house. I even have a no-shoe policy because it keeps the outdoor elements out. My house has always been peaceful and clean. Now it’s mayhem and dirty.

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