Border Collie, English Shepherd, Or ?

What kind of dog is Kora? She was originally listed as an Australian Shepherd mix on Petfinder which is how she came to be mine. I was narrowing down the many dogs on the site by searching for “Australian Shepherd”. At the time, Kora’s name was Heidi. My friend, Christy, said that I should have a name for Kora sooner rather than later so Christy found the Australian aboriginal name, Kora, which means “companion” (connecting her name to her supposed Australian Shepherd heritage).

Two vets independently determined Kora as an Australian Shepherd mix. But as we got out into the world more and more, everyone else seemed to think she was some sort of Border Collie mix. The more I looked into Border Collies (temperaments and looks), I agreed. People thought maybe she got her golden color by having some Golden Retriever in her. For the past five months that I’ve had her, I’ve been saying she’s a Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix. However, I just read online today that if a Border Collie mixes with a Golden Retriever, the pups will be black not gold.

Fellow dog owner, Michelle Murray, put me on the path of thinking Kora could be an Australian Red (aka Golden or Yellow) Border Collie. Michelle found Border Crazy Mom online and said that she had a dog that looked just like Kora. Her dog Charlie does have an uncanny resemblance to Kora. As I was looking into Australian Red Border Collies, I also came across Clear Sable English Shepherds. Kora looks a lot like them too.

Click on the links below and let me know what breed you think Kora is.

Australian Red (or Yellow) Border Collie – Goose, the golden border collie, sure does look a lot like Kora!

Another site for Yellow Border Collie

Clear Sable English Shepherd – Scroll down and look on the left below “Conformation and Colouring”. That dog sure does look a lot like Kora too.

If we had known Kora wasn’t Australian Shepherd, she’d likely have a different name. And, if it turns out she is English Shepherd and not Border Collie, this blog would not be called Border Crazy Mom! Help us solve the mystery.

Border Collie or English Shepherd or ?

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23 Responses to Border Collie, English Shepherd, Or ?

  1. Christy says:

    That Goose sure was a cute puppy. After reviewing both links and knowing the speciman at hand, I’m going to vote for…….. English Shephard! She’s tall, narrow, and lean (and beautiful). I think at this point, you’ll need to have Kora’s DNA testing done because we all want to know.

  2. Ha, yes Goose was a cute puppy. I do wish I could have seen Kora as a puppy. Bet she was a cutie pie! It was fun to see the photos of Oscar and Lazlo as puppies. Thanks for the vote. I looked into the DNA testing, but there seems to be some debate on whether it’s useful/accurate, but it could be worth a try. I don’t think it’s that expensive. Thanks for your vote!

  3. I am leaning towards trying to do the DNA test to find out. I think some are probably better than others, so I will have to do my research to find a good one. Some of the reviews that I had read on Amazon had said that the results made no sense based on the physical appearance of their dogs. Maybe I’ll ask my vet and see if they can recommend a good one, or ask my trainer if she knows.

  4. Tiffany D. says:

    Yes, I vote she is definitely one of those. (which one, I’m baffled)

  5. Elaine M. says:

    I vote for yellow border collie!

  6. Beth says:

    Linny and I think English Shepard!

    • Thanks for chiming in! I tend to think so too, based on the photos. I know she has border collie temperament. I’ll need to find out more about English Shepherds in terms of their personality, energy, etc. Thanks for the vote!

  7. Ruth says:

    Here is a link to the genetic breakdown of the border collie coat, its not a simple issue, but I think Kora is either a red or sable border collie.

    • Ruth says:

      Border collies come in both short coat called “smooth coated” and long coat called “rough coated”. I live in Wales and we have a lot of both smooth and rough coated collies.

    • Thanks for the link, Ruth. She does seem to have the Border Collie coloring. Her hair is not as long as the border collies shown in the photos, but that difference could be part of her “mix” breed. What I have learned is that her unique coloring doesn’t mean she’s mixed with another breed (like Golden Retriever) as we originally thought. Border Collies do come in her color. Thanks for your vote! Be sure to post a photo of your border collie, Buster, on the Border Crazy Mom facebook site so we can meet your baby.

  8. Ralph G. says:

    My wife says border collie for sure – no English shepherd…

  9. Suzanne F. says:

    Definitely a Border Shepherd! Then again, she does kind of look like an English Collie! Oh dear… 😉

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  11. patty says:

    regardless of what she is ….she is beautiful!

  12. Denise says:

    Did you ever find out what she is? I’m going crazy with my dog too! We adopted Dory, and the rescuer thinks she’s an Australian Shepherd or Australian Shepherd mix. She’s longer, leaner, and taller, and I tend to think she’s an English Shepherd. I think Kora is too. I can’t find a DNA test that includes English Shepherds though!

    • Hi Denise. We did a DNA test and she came out Border Collie and Plot Hound. I’d never heard of a Plot Hound before. So funny because our rescuer listed her as Australian Shepherd yet no one else ever thinks she is. Everyone says Border Collie. She has the personality of a Border Collie in some respects, but she is certainly larger than one. Good point about the DNA test including English Shepherd. Post a photo of Dory at so we can all see!

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